Ultimate Safety Bifocals

Whether for leisure, sports, cycling or work, the beach, countryside or the city, our 'voltX ULTIMATE' range of safety glasses fit the purpose and look fantastic.

Our 'voltX ULTIMATE' range are made to the same tolerances, standard and quality of high end designer sunglasses.

Independently safety tested and certified, so you can be sure these glasses will protect your eyes when needed.

Independently Certified to UKCA & CE EN166ft. Compliant to ANSI Z87.1+

UV400 lens - Anti fog coated - Adjustable nosepiece - moulded rubber earstems - microfibre bag - wide coverage wraparound lens.

Independent Verified Reviews
Outstanding product
By Scott Jones on 3-Sep-2023+2.0Ultimate SmokeVerified Purchase
’m a 5000 mile per year cyclist and was struggling to read my head unit when I needed to take a quick glance at speed. As my vision has deteriorated it got progressively more difficult to focus on my data. I ordered these glasses on Friday, they were delivered Saturday wore them on my club ride on Sunday. They are a game changer for me!!! No more blurred screens on my Garmin. I’m going to order a yellow lenses pair ready for winter rides. The over priced Oakleys are going on EBay.
Bifocal lenses are a boon on a bike
By Ian Jones on 16-Apr-2023+2.0ClearVerified Purchase
Brilliant for mountain-biking, the bifocal feature means I can read my GPS or phone without having to stop and dig out my reading glasses. Not as cool-looking as genuine MTB specs but then look at the price difference and decide whether the "cool factor" is really worth the extra money.
By Giacomo on 14-Oct-2022+2.5ULTIMATE YellowVerified Purchase
Questo è il secondo paio che compro ( di colore diverso ,giallo), sono ottimi sia come praticità, come materiale,estetica, li consiglio a chi a problemi di vicinanzae non vuole spendere una fortuna.
Best ones I've tried
By Lynda Kapuakela on 25-Apr-2022+2.0ClearVerified Purchase
I work in an ER as clerical support . My organization requires everyone who comes in contact with patients to wear eye protection. I also need reading glasses to do paper work and work on the computer. I tried a faceshield, but it got in the way when I was literally juggling multiple phone lines. This was the third pair of eye shields I ordered, and they are the ones I use the most. Not only are they comfortable, but the adjustable nose pads work very well in my VERY narrow nose bridge. The bifocal is in the right position to look down at my clip board. I still use my reading glasses for the computer, but in a pinch, I just have to angle back a little if needed to check something quickly. On another note, they fit securely enought that I use them as my eye protection for my night-time bicycle commute home. I find them helpful if I need to glance at my phone mount or watch.
Best so far
By Dot on 22-Apr-2022+1.5ClearVerified Purchase
Friend recommended these for MTB riding, most clear lenses and fogged up the least of any glasses I’ve tried. Very impressed, normally end up taking glasses off at light diminishes but didn’t need to sit these.
By JFB on 5-Jul-2020+2.0ClearVerified Purchase
Comfortable ,smart looking protection , i will be wearing these eye protection glasses this Winter inside supermarkets,as the coughing and sneezing season begins ,virus aerosols will be spread over a much wider area then 2 meters . The fact that the lenses wrap around the face is vital protection .
Great safety glasses
By j r on 28-Jun-2020+2.0ClearVerified Purchase
By far the best safety glasses I’ve ever bought. Light comfortable good lenses and the best bit they don’t steam up. Brilliant. Will buy again and going to try and get my company to buy them for the operatives.
Comodas,vision clara.
By Jose on 4-Jun-2020+1.0ClearVerified Purchase
Són Muy buenas se ve con claridad y la parte bifocal està Muy bien graduada. Cubren bien los ojos, comodas de llevar.

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