Quad '4 in 1' Reading Safety Glasses

Full Lens magnified height adjustable reading insert

+1.0, +1.5, +2.0, +2.5 & +3.0 dioptre strengths available.

Clear, Smoke & Yellow lens options available.

Foam insert for extra comfort and dust protection.

Detachable headstrap included.

Certified to CE EN166f, frame and lens CE marked. Compliant with EU regulations for industrial use in the EU.

Anti fog coated, UV protection against harmful UV rays.

Height, length adjustable earstems.

Independent Verified Reviews
Comfortable, surprisingly good system for vision correction.
By Shepherd on 17-Sep-2023+2.5ClearVerified Purchase
Bought for generality projects. They are comfortable to wear for useful periods of time. The vision correction system is a novel solution to a problem that many of us deal with as we age.
By James Leone on 25-Jul-2023+1.0ClearVerified Purchase
Arrived in super quick time and the adjustable feature of the reading glasses part is ideal for my use. Happy to highly recommend these for sure.
Great product, great price
By Ricky on 9-Jun-2023+2.5ClearVerified Purchase
Fantastic pair of safety glasses for the price with the added reading lenses fitted. Very similar to another branded pair I have which are almost ten times the cost of these beauties.
Exactly what I need.
By Steve on 29-Nov-2022+3.0ClearVerified Purchase
I've read reviews complaining about 'fine particles' getting through the seals of these glasses. I'm someone who has had steel splinters removed from their eye, it's not pleasant. These glasses excel, I can't find a fault other than the magnification could be higher than 3. They fit well around a 3M mask, are comfortable and versatile. I'm just shy of 60 years and I've always needed good PPE. These Quads are the best eye protection I've had. If you don't like fine particles then I suggest you a) get a full face mask, and b) give up engineering. It isn't for you.
Spectacular Spectacles
By PAG on 24-May-2021+3.0ClearVerified Purchase
Excellent value and comfort fit for safety specs.
comfortable glasses
By comfortable glasses on 22-Jul-2020+2.0ClearVerified Purchase
Good glasses and are comfortable to wear all day. Would buy again.
Off the shelf safety reading glasses
By Exploration on 19-Jun-2020+1.5YellowVerified Purchase
At last a pair of reading safety glasses one could buy off the shelf. I chose yellow to better deal with high contrast artificial lights on board ships working in the night hours. It is fabulous that the reading glasses could be removed. It is also good that it only cost £10 so worth a try to see if it is suitable.
Excellent Purchase!!
By Garconsavage on 2-Jun-2020+2.0ClearVerified Purchase
I am very happy with this purchase It looks and feels a quality item and represents great value for money.
By Fabio on 24-Jun-2019+1.0ClearVerified Purchase
Ottimo occhiale da lavoro. Con la lente graduata poi, è davvero utilissima. Lenti trasparenti con otiima visibilità
By Amazon Customer on 15-Jan-2019+1.0ClearVerified Purchase
The glasses were excellent, just what I wanted. Very comfortable too.
Una piacevole sorpresa
By ariano on 11-Aug-2018+1.0ClearVerified Purchase
Occhiali di protezione veramente ottimi. La nitidezza delle lenti è pari al vetro,non si appannano anche con la mascherina antipolvere, si fissano con cordino regolabile e non premono sul viso perché dotati di bordino soffice che aderisce al volto. Bisogna solo valutare quale modello.Se servono solo x lettura meglio l'altro tipo con riquadro ingrandente
Ottimo prodotto
By SoSaAx on 9-Jun-2018Size 2.5Quad TrasparenteVerified Purchase
Al poligono di tiro, le norme di sicurezza esigono l'impiego degli occhiali protettivi; ovviamente per chi, come me, ha necessità di una correzione visiva nella fase di puntamento con messa a fuoco del mirino, questi occhiali sono utilissimi.
Its a miracle - I can see!
By Lard Warrior on 14-Sep-2015+1.0ClearVerified Purchase
Now I can see - and not risk a decent pair of specs getting scratched up by metal filings - or risk metal splinters finding their way past non safety glasses. Plus they are cheap as chips. What's not to like!!!! The reading lenses sit on a internal frame behind the main safety glass - and it is possible to unclip the whole thing for cleaning. My eyesight is not that bad - so i only put these on when I need to get up close to something that requires accuracy - but since that tends to be for drilling, or turning tiny metal objects these have made what was previously 'not worth the risk' - perfectly practical.
Sehr gutes Produkt für einen angemessenen Preis ...
By Martin on 20-Nov-2014+2.0ClearVerified Purchase
Perfekt! Preis Leistung ist Super! Fürs Drehen und Fräsen kleiner Teile sehr gut! Hab extra etwas mehr + genommen damit ich quasi eine Lupe habe! Bin sehr zufrieden !!!

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