Regular Safety Glasses

Professional lightweight wrap-around style safety glasses with wide field of vision.

One piece moulded Polycarbonate lens with Anti-Fog and Anti-Scratch coating.

UV400 lens provide 100% protection against harmful UV rays.

Independently Certified to UKCA & CE EN166f. 

Compliant with regulations for industrial use in the UK & EU.

Suitable for all face types, Style and comfort for all day use.

Available in Clear, Yellow & Smoke lens options.

Independent Verified Reviews
good glasses. look good
By Aida on 17-Oct-2023PlainMixedVerified Purchase
good glasses and very suitable for construction work. my husband really liked it. Fast shipping
By C. Crs on 26-Jun-2023PlainMixedVerified Purchase
This product has far surpassed my expectations in terms of quality, performance, and overall satisfaction. I cannot emphasize enough how pleased I am with this product. The materials used are of the highest caliber, showcasing the manufacturer's commitment to excellence. Not only does it look and feel premium, but it also functions flawlessly. I look forward to exploring more of their offerings in the future.
Value for money cycling glasses.
By Bazzarr on 20-May-2023PlainYellowVerified Purchase
Perfect fit, lightweight, good amount of eye coverage, amber works well on overcast days, purportedly helps with elevating mood. I'll also try these for night time driving as my eyes are sensitive to bright lights.
You cant fall off
By Tony on 26-May-2020ClearVerified Purchase
Really good value and quality. I am a kitchen fitter and these three make such good sense
By Isabel on 23-Apr-2020ClearVerified Purchase
Super comfy, wore these all day to help keep the pollen put of my eyes, they worked brilliantly and I even forgot I was wearing them at times!
Eye protection
By Gary on 12-Apr-2020YellowVerified Purchase
Got these for this virus, I have a mask for when I have to go out but don't wear glasses and I'm terrible for rubbing my eyes so tracked these down and they're great. Fit close to eyes for protection but also wrap around so offer some side protection too. The fact you get 3 in pack, clear, tinted and yellow it means all weathers and times are covered - and for me - they stop me rubbing eyes. Recommended.
5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent product, 100% satisfied.
By Will on 8-Apr-2020ClearVerified Purchase
Brilliant safety glasses, very comfortable at a very reasonable price. Quality is great and they feel sturdy yet lightweight. Fully protects around the sides of your eyes as well perfect for grinding/ metalwork. Would definitely recommend to anyone after some safety glasses!
5 stars all round.
By Amazon Customer on 4-Apr-2020YellowVerified Purchase
Excellent! Well designed, very comfortable, anti fog lens, great to have three shade's, the yellows are ideal under an auto darkening welding hood, smoke Len's for outdoors and driving, the clear lens for general use. Stylish, excellent quality. Would I buy more? Yes! Recommend to others? Absolutely.
Choice of eye protection
By frazer on 13-Sep-2019ClearVerified Purchase
We've ordered these as eye protection for dental patients and they are very lightweight and comfortable. The range from clear through yellow to dark also gives a choice of shielding from the overhead light. The kids think the yellow one is cool!
Purchased for cycling, great experience
By Bill on 8-Aug-2019ClearVerified Purchase
Purchased these for cycling, the dark pair for the morning commute and the clear pair for riding home in the dark. Both pairs are comfortable and keep the wind out of my eyes. The pair that I'm not using at the time get chucked in a backpack and abused but haven't got any scratches so these are very durable. I haven't used the yellow pair but assume they are of the same quality.
Great Safety Glasses
By Jonathan on 25-Jul-2019ClearVerified Purchase
I loved these glasses working in 24 degree heat there was no fog build up on the inside of the lens
Excellent set of cycling/ safety glasses
By Edin on 23-Nov-2018ClearVerified Purchase
Great to have a set of three safety glasses for cycling, one dark for sunny days, one yellow, suitable for lower light and one clear for night-time use, all arriving one the one package. All set for summer, or low sun or night-time winter cycling now! Arrived promptly. Recommended
Very useful
By Diane on 21-Aug-2018Verified Purchase
The glasses are being used by roofers who absolutely love them as it gives the protection they need when cutting tiles and wood. They wear them every day due to the protection from the sun and dust while working. I would definitely recommend.
Nice glasses!
By RN58RAN on 24-May-2018Verified Purchase
Bought for use riding my bike. Great for keeping bugs out of my eyes and as they are safety glasses there is protection against stone chips too.
Preis Leistung Sieger
By Karin on 24-Apr-2018ClearVerified Purchase
Benutze die Brille zum radeln am Morgen wenn die Sonne noch nicht scheint. Sie ist super leicht, umrahmt die Augen perfekt und schlägt nicht an.
Markus Friedrich
By Markus Friedrich on 3-Nov-20173 PairsMixedVerified Purchase
Ich hatte das Brillenset als Schutzbrille zum radfahren bestellt. (Wer schonmal durch einen Fliegenschwarm im Wald gefahren ist versteht, versteht warum) Mit den drei verschiedenen Tönungen ist für jede Lichtsituation die passende Brille dabei. Qualitativ finde ich die Brillen gut. Besonders gefällt mir, dass die Brillen nicht zu eng anliegen, und somit ein Beschlagen verhindert wird.
starsDIY or cycling you chose
By morris on 5-Aug-20173 PairsMixedVerified Purchase
Excellent don't use them for DIY but they make a great affordable option for cycling and keeping the wind and flies out of your eyes.
nice fit wrap around
By Colin W. on 11-May-20173 PairsMixedVerified Purchase
Use them for work cutting slabs . nice fit wrap around. Not much room for grit or dust to get in . good price
Great for cycling
By The Guig on 13-Feb-20173 PairsMixedVerified Purchase
I took a punt on these purely as a less expensive cycling option and at £10 I wasn't disappointed. The coverage of the eye area is as good, if not better than any other cycling glasses I've tried at this price range. One thing to note is that when cycling in the dark, headlights do blur or have a halo effect, but only very slightly. It takes a little bit of adjusting to, but it's not to any serious degree. They are the most comfortable glasses I've worn while cycling and strike a perfect balance of strength (they don't feel flimsy) and weight (nice and light). The arms sit comfortably over the ears too, and stay in place without too much pressure on the side of the head. The lenses are crystal clear and have no distortion at all in any direction. The yellow ones are a bit surplus for cycling purposes, but even at £10 for the clear and dark pairs, it's a bargain. Update - I recently
Good value for money.
By sean hazell on 22-Oct-20163 PairsMixedVerified Purchase
Great value for the money I paid. The glasses are comfortable and have the legal requirements for all uk sites. They look nice and not cheap Would buy again.
Best Glasses I
By Justin J. Slade on 15-Apr-20163 PairsMixedVerified Purchase
Bought these for site. Excellent fit and quality. The three finishes cover all lighting environments. The yellow ones as always make everything seem okay.... even when it's not. Highly recommended

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