Bifocal Safety Glasses

Professional lightweight wrap-around style bifocal safety glasses with wide field of vision

Independently Certified to CE EN166f, frame and lens CE marked. Compliant with EU regulations for industrial use in the EU.

UV400 protection lens, provide 99.9% protection against harmful UV rays.

Comes with safety cord with adjustable headstop for comfortable wear

Suitable for all face types

Style and comfort for all day use

Available in +1.0, +1.5, +2.0, +2.5, +3.0 & +3.5 dioptre strength options.

Available in Clear, Yellow, Mirror, Smoke & Polarized lens options.


Independent Verified Reviews
Super lunettes
By LAURENGER on 3-Jun-2020+2.0ClearVerified Purchase
Accessoire indispensable au cycliste en hiver que ce soit pour la balade ou pour aller au travail, protège les yeux du froid, voire de la pluie et permet de consulter son téléphone, je recommande
By Joseba_Madrid on 26-May-2020+2.5YellowVerified Purchase
Realmente útil y eficaz. Tanto por contraste en condiciones de falta de luz (color amarillo), como por protección UV. El añadido de facilitar la visión con presbicia (vista cansada) es especialmente brillante. De un simple vistazo se puede chequear la pantalla del Garmin, sin perder la visión de la carretera. No cansa y pesa muy poco.
Prima Rad-Sonnenbrille
By Matthias Tranum on 29-Nov-2017Size: + 1.5 DioptreSmokeVerified Purchase
Die Brille passt prima ,mir jedenfalls,. Ich benutze sie zum Radfahren bei starkem Sonnenschein. Sie schützt zuverlässig gegen Wind und Insekten und Sonne. Die Lesefunktion ist für eine Rad / Schutzbrille ausreichend. Nun kann ich wieder meinen Tacho ablesen und auch mein Handy bedienen ohne die Brille wechseln zu müssen - prima. Nasenpads und Bügelgummis habe ich mit Sekundenkleber fixiert - sonst sind die schnell verloren. Tolle Brille, tolle Funktion, tolle Passform.
Great cycling gigs
By Mr. K. I. Flewitt on 29-Nov-2017Size: + 1.5 DioptreYellowVerified Purchase
I bought a pair of these with dark sunglasses lenses when I did a 1700 mile cycle challenge in the summer as I knew I'd need to be able to read maps/GPS/phone etc whilst on my bike. They were perfect! I hardly ever used my regular readers for the entire trip. I've bought this second pair as we head into winter so that I can carry on riding and being able to see my GPS when the weather becomes unsuitable to use sunglasses. They are strong light and comfortable and especially at the price are unbeatable!
Wish I'd had these years ago
By KrisnTina on 11-Jul-2017Size: + 2.5 DioptreSmokeVerified Purchase
Brilliant. I'm using them for upwards of 9 hours a day, comfortable even after that amount of time. Do a good job of cutting the strong sum shine down as well. No more taking of my safety specs and putting on reading glasses to check delivery documents, hurrah .And pretty smart to look at.
Great quality for the price perfect for active sports or DIY
By r m allan on 1-Jul-2017Size: + 2.0 DioptreClearVerified Purchase
These are my third pair, first pair had for ages then sat on them!!! Bought to use when I go Cycling, Kayaking or Paramotoring great snug and comfortable fit even when using with a helmet on. Great vision thru the 'clear' section and the +2 section at the bottom is a good size to just glance down at instruments or phone. So bought another pair to live in the garage and as a spare in case I sit on them again!!! Very pleased great quality for the price.I did try a cheaper brand previously but they weren't a good fit and where a bit flimsy.
Ottimo ingrandimento, grande visibilità.
By Dalmonte Roberto on 27-May-2017Size: + 3.0 DioptreClearVerified Purchase
Ho bisogno di questi occhiali per proteggermi gli occhi dagli schizzi e per vedere bene da vicino, a causa di una leggera presbiopia. Facili da pulire, leggerissimi da portare, buona resistenza ai graffi, ottima visibilità e ingrandimento 3x. A questo prezzo non si può chiedere altro.
Best Product I have ever bought
By John love on 30-Nov-2016Size: + 2.5 DioptreClearVerified Purchase
Great Buy!!! The case was exceptional and when I put the safety glasses on I could not believe that Someone had invented something I had thought would be useful for many years. One word of caution and applies to all bifocals... be careful when walking down stairs or steps as when you look down it is magnified hence you might misplace your step. Highly recommended to everyone in the construction industry... have recently purchased another pair for a family member
SternenIdealer Schutz und Lesehilfe
By Schlosser on 10-Nov-2016Size: + 1.0 DioptreClearVerified Purchase
Ich habe mir diese Schutzbrille mit Lesehilfe für die Arbeit zugelegt. Gerade wenn es um das Ablesen von Typenschilder bzw. Kabelbezeichnungen ging, stand ich oft hilflos davor. Erst half eine kleine Taschenlampe. Dann wurden Typenschilder photographiert um diese nachher am PC zu vergrößern. Als mir aber dann ein Tropfen hoch alkalischer Reiniger ins Auge spritzte war mir klar: So eine Brille muss her !! Bei dem Preis habe ich mir gleich eine Brille mit +1.0 Dioptrie und eine Brille mit +1.5 Dioptrie incl. Hülle bestellt. Nach kurzer Versandzeit trafen die Brillen ein. Ab jetzt ist die Brille mein ständiger Begleiter auf der Arbeit. Und wenn es jetzt was abzulesen bzw. abzufüllen gibt, geht der Griff in die Tasche, und die Schutzbrille mit Lesehilfe kommt zum Einsatz. Klare Kaufempfehlung vom Schlosser
Good safety glasses
By Bradders on 7-Nov-2016Size: + 1.0 DioptreClearVerified Purchase
I got these to use as safety glasses whilst working with wood machinery. They are a nice snug fit and it's very handy having the lanyard fitted. I would have preferred a slightly larger magnified area as you have to tilt your head back to read anything. Overall I am really pleased with them. Recommended.
1st class glasses
By princered on 18-Oct-2016Size: + 1.5 DioptreYellowVerified Purchase
This is the second pair of constructor bifocal glasses I`ve bought ,as a just in case, and find them really good, after a short time at work I don`t know I`m even wearing them, so far they have stood up to quite a bit of knocking about no scratches or damage,
Just what I'd been looking for......
By Mr. Iain Wood on 26-Sep-2016Size: + 1.0 DioptreClearVerified Purchase
Great product that allows me to continue tinkering in my garage, where I don't want to be constantly putting on and taking off a pair of normal glasses, when I need that extra bit of assistance to see what I'm doing for those occasions when I'm soldering or measuring. I also find these very useful for when I'm out on my bike in order to see the display on my cycling computer, but then be able to have clear unassisted vision when looking further ahead down the road. These are well made, light, strong, provide wrap around protection and to some extent sporty looking enough to be used whilst on my bike without looking like these aren't bike specific.

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