Constructor Full Lens Readers

Wraparound style full height lens, reading safety glasses (not bifocals). 

The whole lens on front of your eyes is magnified.

Independently Certified to UKCA & CE EN166f. Compliant to ANSI Z87.1+

Compliant with regulations for industrial use in the UK, EU & USA.

UV400 protection lens, provide 100% protection against harmful UV rays.

Comes with safety cord with adjustable headstop for comfortable wear.

Suitable for all face types.

Style and comfort for all day use.

Available in +1.0, +1.5, +2.0 & +2.5 dioptre strength options.

Available in Clear, Yellow, Mirror & Smoke lens options.

Independent Verified Reviews
Good product
By Noel Burke on 27-Oct-2023+2.0ClearVerified Purchase
Just the thing when you need reading glasses and working with steel
By Dave on 6-Aug-2023+2.0ClearVerified Purchase
Very comfortable, the 2.0 lens is bang on for my eyes. Good price compared to others. Will be ordering a spare pair!
Clearly the BEST of its kind among the few manufacturers of full lens reading safety glasses
By VectorVictor on 7-Jul-2023+2.0ClearVerified Purchase
These glasses are clearly the BEST of their kind among the few manufacturer's of full lens reading safety glasses. Unlike the others, such as those from Elvex and Grinder-Punch, these VoltX Safety Readers have one-piece stems with a decent degree of flexibility and seemingly sturdier stem hinges (although even these hinges may be the weak point with these glasses, but these are still relatively better). In addition, the stems have soft rubber ear pads and the nose-rest is also made of the same comfortable flexible rubber (hard plastic with the Elvex and Grinder-Punch readers). Most importantly, the lens clearly are a bit better quality than the competition, including the anti-fog lens coating; and the overall comfort level wearing these glasses is clearly the best (by about 15 - 20%). I use the full lens safety readers as large computer screen readers (50" 4K screen--at arm's length view
Looking up
By Starwarsobio on 30-Apr-2023+2.0ClearVerified Purchase
I work on cars/trucks and do a lot of looking up. With the lens being full magnification and not bifocals it really cuts down on eye strain and makes the job go faster
passt auch auf schmalem Gesicht
By Franzi on 13-Feb-2023+2.0ClearVerified Purchase
Ich hab ein sehr schmales Gesicht und daher große Schwierigkeiten eine Brille zu finden, die bei mir passt. Diese passt aber sehr gut. Bin total happy damit. Qualität wirkt auch gut. Hab gleich noch eine zweite zum Freischneiden bestellt.
Does what it claims
By Lap Kuen Leung on 11-Nov-2022+2.0ClearVerified Purchase
Good quality and stylish. Makes it possible to read fine prints or documents while still have your eyes protected and without prescription glasses. Mine is 2x magnification and it does cause some distortion (curved lines) as some comments pointed out. I certainly don't want to walk around wearing it. I imagine it will be less a problem if you go for a lower magnification.
Love these
By I. Morrison on 6-Jan-2022+2.0ClearVerified Purchase
Great for workshop tasks with my ageing eyes. They're light and comfortable, the mild magnification is good and the removable neck cord is a bonus. They have survived a few direct hits from lathe cuttings so their protection is good too. They can scratch over time but are easy to clean and to replace at this price. Highly recommended.
Stop squinting...
By Bob Ash on 30-Mar-2021+2.0ClearVerified Purchase
I have had so called safety reading glasses before... NOT in the same class as these, best I ha ve ever had. Get some now and stop squinting....
By Chirico on 6-Sep-2020+2.0ClearVerified Purchase
Ottimo strumento di lavoro. Sicure per chi come me vede male da vicino presbiopia e crea problemi sul lavoro. Proteggono bene da schegge di ferro, legno, polvere ed altro… Comoda la custodia. Consigliatissimi.
Safety glasses
By lisa on 8-Aug-2020+2.0ClearVerified Purchase
Great safety glasses and even better as I can read in them as well, so I don’t have to wear my normal glasses as well. Good quality and come with a cord to keep them round your neck so you don’t lose them. Have come in hardy at work during lockdown as they cover my eyes and I felt more confident to work safely
Excellent Safety / reading Glasses
By sickie on 22-Jun-2020+2.5ClearVerified Purchase
These are absolutely perfect for close up safety glasses. I use them for Polishing metal & my eyes are not the best but using these 2.50 size for me makes life much easier. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs reading glasses for close up safe working.
Good product
By Padraig on 27-May-2020+2.0ClearVerified Purchase
This is a great product for clinical work when wearing a mask. Provides eye protection and does not fog.
Just the job
By Mr E. on 4-May-2020+2.0ClearVerified Purchase
Use these on a metalworking lathe, They are comfortable, they allow me to see what I am doing easily because the magnifying portion is most of the lens rather than just the bottom. The gaps around the sides are pretty small as you would expect for safety glasses. Delivery was nice and quick, many thanks
5,0 von 5 Sternen voltX 'Constructor' Schutzbrille Volle Linsenvergrößerung (nicht bifokal) +1,00 D
By hpg on 9-Apr-2020+1.0ClearVerified Purchase
Top, zum Fahrradfahren mit Sehhilfe ideal. Leicht, sitzt gut, empfehlenswert.
Geniales Teil !
By Kindle-Kunde on 3-Feb-2020+1.5MirrorVerified Purchase
Super Brille, nicht nur beim Arbeiten, sondern auch als Schießbrille zu verwenden. Bei offener Visierung und Lesebrillenstärke von ca. 2,5 dpt, eine Wohltat!!!
Best workwear glasses I have bought.
By Sore Eyes on 22-Dec-2019+1.0ClearVerified Purchase
5 stars, fab eyewear, don't slip off when I am working at engine bays with my head upside down, fast delivery and good price, will buy again.
Great viewing area can see things straight ahead.
By Mr. M. J. Cox on 16-Nov-2019+2.0ClearVerified Purchase
Brought these glasses for working in my workshop. Found them very comfortable and light, in fact so light I kept forgetting I had them on. Good viewing area, no having to look down my nose to see things in front of me. Made working a pleasure
By Firefly on 9-Nov-2019+1.0ClearVerified Purchase
Geweldige bril, nooit geweten dat er veiligheid brillen op sterkte bestonden. Echt super, werkt perfect. En ziet er gewoon uit als een normale veiligheidbril. Snelle levering en goed verpakt. Zit in een mooie etui Top!
Für mich ideal
By WolfgangB on 25-Sep-2019+1.0ClearVerified Purchase
Eine Schutzbrille, die noch eine Dioptrie mehr Schärfe mitbringt. Bei Arbeiten in schlechtem Licht oder mit sehr kurzem Abstand habe ich mit meinen Kontaktlinsen manchmal Probleme. Das gleicht diese Brille super aus. Und schützt auch noch die Augen!
Exactly what I was looking for
By Griff on 9-May-2019+1.0Verified Purchase
I'm really pleased with these glasses. As I've been getting older and my eyesight has declined a bit I've found that this has interfered with my enjoyment of the sort of outdoor pursuits I've been doing for decades; cycling, hill-running, kayaking etc. These glasses are a godsend. They' have a wraparound sports' style and come with a cord which can be tightened to keep them securely in place. So far I've used them for kayaking and for cycling on and off road and the glasses have stayed firmly fixed and I feel like I can see like a 20-year-old again. As well as providing a slight magnification, the yellow lenses are great for providing increased contrast and definition in low light conditions.The glasses are well made and robust and the anti-fogging feature is brilliant if you're wearing a cycling buff over your mouth and nose, as any regular cyclist will confirm. The glasses also come in
Lunettes de bonne qualité optique
By Bill on 16-Apr-2019+2.0ClearVerified Purchase
Aussi paradoxal que cela puisse paraître, j'utilise ces lunettes pour le tir aux armes à poudre noire. Pour pratiquer ce loisir, le port de lunettes de sécurité est obligatoire. Ces lunettes protègent bien les yeux, sont d'une bonne qualité optique et comme il convient de voir les éléments de visée nets, une correction de 2 dioptries me convient fort bien.
Vision correction with safety.
By Norman Bott on 28-Feb-2019+2.0ClearVerified Purchase
Since I need glasses for close-up work when woodworking these represent a perfect safety solution. They are much better than over-spectacle types and come with a neck strap. They're comfortable and convenient which means I'm likely to use them rather than skip eye protection. Vision correction is all over rather than bi-focal. I'm pleased with them.
Rapporto qualità prezzo ottimo
By Ruggero on 14-Feb-2019+2.0MirrorVerified Purchase
Occhiali per uso industriale che si adattano perfettamente ad un uso sportivo ciclismo
Prodotto utile e funzionale
By Marco on 22-Jan-2019+1.0ClearVerified Purchase
Ottimo prodotto, utilissimo nelle attività in cui è necessario avere visibilità dell'ambiente circostante e contemporaneamente compilare o leggere moduli cartacei e/o su tablet.
By red dog lass on 18-Jan-2018+1.0ClearVerified Purchase
As a dental nurse these are perfect comfortable clear and anti fog is great with a face mask
Ottimo prodotto !
By Bernardini P. on 29-Nov-2017Size: + 2.0 DioptreClearVerified Purchase
Perfetti, mi serviva un occhiale protettivo che ingrandisse su tutta la lente e non solo su una piccola parte come normalmente vengono proposti. Qualità buona ad un ragionevole prezzo. Molto buoni per chi fa modellismo , piccole lavorazioni dove occore proteggersi ma vedere molto bene da vicino. Spedizione veloce ed imballo OK.
No more excuses for dodgy machining
By The Angry Druid on 3-Nov-2017Size: + 2.0 DioptreClearVerified Purchase
very handy, especially with the cord to hang around your neck, then you know where they are when you come to machine something, and not only are your eyes protected, but you can see what you are doing - result. The cord is just slipped on over the arms, and if you get the glasses caught on anything they will pull out of the cord. This is probably safer than having the cord mechanically fixed to the glasses.
these glasses are a revelation for him and now gives him a good sight range and safe too
By David Blyde on 26-Jul-2017Size: + 2.0 DioptreClearVerified Purchase
Have been using these safety readers in the workshop for inspecting hgv vehicles,welding and paperwork very handy hanging round neck also have not scratched yet.Very pleased.
I would recommend these to anyone who is required to wear safety ...
By Grannie J on 6-Jul-2017Size: + 1.5 DioptreClearVerified Purchase
I work on a bandsaw and have to wear safety goggles over the top of my readers which is a bit of a pain as either the goggles or my readers fog over when I get a bit warm, but with these full lens safety glasses, which are coated with an anti fogging agent, I don't have a problem. I would recommend these to anyone who is required to wear safety glasses. Will be buying them again. Excellent product.
Gute Schutzbrille bei Altersweitsichtigkeit
By JMA on 1-May-2017Size: + 1.5 DioptreClearVerified Purchase
Zusätzlich zu der DEFENDER ,Korbbrille, von voltX habe ich diese Schutzbrille mit Sehstärke für unseren Mechaniker bestellt. Dieser leidet unter Altersweitsichtigkeit, weswegen er in letzter Zeit immer häufiger mit seiner normalen Brille gearbeitet hat um Markierungen o.ä. zu erkennen. Damit durch herumfliegenden Teilen keine Augenverletzungen auftreten, war ich auf der Suche nach einem adäquaten Ersatz und bin auf diesen Hersteller gestoßen. Auch diese Brille kommt nun seit einem halben Jahr häufig zum Einsatz und ermöglicht ein sicheres Arbeiten für unseren Mitarbeiter. Wenn Ersatz ansteht, werde ich wieder hier bestellen.
Schutzbrille mit Sehstärke
By Maddin on 22-Mar-2017Size: + 1.5 DioptreClearVerified Purchase
Also ich bin Schlosser und habe mit Brillen so mein Problem,vor allem beim Flexen ,entweder ich verhunze meine teure Brille ,oder bei den billigen von Rosmann ec.haben meine Augen kein richtigen Schutz ,bei der hier angebotenen ist alles Perveckt ,hat ausreichend Schutz und durch das mitgelieferte Band ,auch vor herunterfallen ,das Heileit ist noch die Hart - Cover Hülle zum verstauen in der Werkzeugkiste ....😎 Sehr zu empfehlen 10 Sterne ...☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️
Perfect solution for my aging eyes
By FixitP on 18-Mar-2017Size: + 1.5 DioptreClearVerified Purchase
Perfect solution for my aging eyes. Needed safety specs for some close up drilling, sanding, grinding and these are great. They wrap around so keeps stray stuff away also. Quick delivery to. No idea why I waited so long to buy some.
Sehr gute Schutzbrille
By Wolfgang on 24-Nov-2016Size: + 1.5 DioptreClearVerified Purchase
Ich habe mir diese Schutzbrille in meiner Sehstärke gekauft um nicht immer mit meiner Lesebrille arbeiten zu müssen. An der Schutzbrille gefällt mir, dass die Korrektur einen großen Bereich des Sehfeldes einnimmt und nicht nur auf einem kleinen Bereich im unteren Teil der Brille beschränkt ist. Für meinen Berufszweig , Feinmechanik , finde ich sie ideal, sie schützt vor Schleifstaub, Späne usw. und trägt nicht schwer auf. Fazit : Ich würde sie mir jederzeit wieder kaufen.
Safety first. Always.
By Pat on 6-Nov-2016Size: + 2.0 DioptreClearVerified Purchase
It is difficult to find properly made, optically correct safety glasses but these voltX glasses are excellent. They are extremely comfortable to wear, are very well made and they are on a par optically, with my reading glasses for clarity and dioptre accuracy. However, unlike my reading glasses they offer a very reassuring level of protection. I keep them on at all times in my workshop. Excellent value and highly recommended to keep your Mk1 eyeballs in top order.
lunette de securite
By pascal sauvage on 3-Nov-2016Size: + 1.5 DioptreClearVerified Purchase
très bon produit je l'utilise tout les jour au travail je le recommande a toute personne qui a des problème de vu de prêt
Best safety glasses
By MR STEVEN D PACE on 1-Nov-2016Size: + 1.5 DioptreClearVerified Purchase
Best safety glasses I have used, with excellent reading lens - much better than typical off-the-shelf reading glasses. Anti-mist seems effective although I have yet to try with face-mask. I now wear these all the time when working, buying materials, in the garden & general bodging around. Will definitely buy again, but currently these are standing up to rough work pretty well.
Buenas gafas
By Amazon Customer on 1-Oct-2016Size: + 1.0 DioptreClearVerified Purchase
Son unas buenas gafas a muy buen precio, las llevo puestas todo el dia y no notas que las tienes puestas .

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