Polarized Safety Glasses 

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The only Polarized CE EN166f certified bifocal safety glasses currently available on the market.

Great for drivers, fishermen & marine industry workers.

Polarized lenses - reduce glare & reflection from cars when driving, and of the sun on the sea and other water surfaces.

Certified to CE EN166f frame and lens CE marked. Compliant with EU regulations for industrial use in the EU.

UV400 lens provide 99.9% protection against harmful UV rays

Polarized lenses are NOT suitable for reading LCD LED or digital displays.

Includes microfibre bag and safety cord.


Pratici e protettivi

By DaAlessandro on 22-Nov-2018

verified purchase

Essendo un occhiale nato per il lavoro, è molto "avvolgente" e protegge veramente l'occhio. La lente polarizzata elimina abbastanza bene i riflessi sgradevoli e la lunetta graduata -una volta che ci si è "abituati a trovarla"- aiuta a leggere il cruscotto, piuttosto che la cartina sul serbatoio della moto o la scala del calibro. Che dire.... Seconda chance per noi diversamente giovani!! Dimensioni appropriate, spedizione sempre perfetta come da standard Amazon.

Je peux enfin lire mon compteur sur mon vtt

By Client d on 9-Aug-2017

verified purchase

Produit conforme à,la description et à mes attentes Super pour le cyclisme ,VTT lorsque l on a des difficultés à lire son compteur😊

Great sports and driving glasses and a very simple DIY optional upgrade.

By Old Basing Old Bloke on 14-Apr-2017

verified purchase

Excellent eye protection for cycling or driving in the sun, when you do not need glasses for distance, but do for reading, including reading the instruments. As an addition I add some simple side shields which reduce the strobe effect when cycling or driving beside hedges with the sun shining through them. Use strips of 1/2" black plastic insulation tape, and it hardly notices. Remove both lenses, apply the tape vertically to both lenses from the outside edge point. Using a new, very sharp, utility knife blade, carefully remove the surplus from the edges of the lenses, take your time, and do not cut into the lenses. Refit the lenses and you are done. I find them very comfortable, and soon forget I am wearing them.

Available to order direct from Amazon ...or for trade customers, click here
Available to order direct from Amazon ...or for trade customers, click here
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