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Our journey so far

About us

Back in the early noughties we introduced the first ‘off the shelf’ bifocal safety glasses in the UK. Prior to this, the only option for reading and bifocal safety glasses were bespoke options from opticians for anything from £100 to £250+

Bearing in mind that safety glasses by virtue of use will ultimately end up getting damaged, this was a massive amount and on par with an expensive power tool.

We originally marketed our range of bifocal and reading safety glasses at specialized trade shows such as Interbuild, Woodmex, Electrex etc etc , as well as specialist consumer shows like the Model Engineering, Woodworking and Building shows and the glasses were an instant success.


Now you had the option of buying a pair of ‘off the shelf’ reading or bifocal safety glasses for approx £10.

If they got damaged during your work, they had obviously done their job and protected your eyes and were cheap enough to replace without breaking the bank.


More and more orders came in from all sectors of manufacturing and professions, from public and private sectors alike.

The word soon spread about these fantastic glasses and as well as being used by the trade, they are used by cyclists, bikers and many other adventure sports people who need to be able to have the option of seeing the fine detail for their pursuits.

Our journey so far!

In 2014 we trademarked the voltX name and logo, rebranded all our glasses and started selling our glasses under the voltX brand in 2014.

voltXsafety is now the highest independently rated bifocal and reading CE certified safety eyewear on AMAZON UK, GERMANY, ITALY, FRANCE & SPAIN.

Our CONSTRUCTOR range alone has over a 1000+ reviews with an average 4.6⭐ out of 5⭐ rating.

The ‘CLASSIC Safety Over Specs’ are consistently the bestselling SAFETY OVERGLASSES across AMAZON Europe and frequently hold the No 1 best seller spot on AMAZON GERMANY & ITALY.

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voltX safety specialize in reading and bifocal safety glasses as well as regular safety glasses and accessories.

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